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It’s not about being selfish, it’s about being fair and understanding


  • I knew that this was going to happen…I knew that Sulli’s going to take a hiatus and will breakdown emotionally, physically, and mentally because of all the painful and negative comments toward her, not only by netizens but also by people who call themselves “fans” of f(x).
  • Who on earth can stand the amount of hate she gets for these past few years: slacking off/not doing the choreo during RPPP, pregnancy rumors, not smiling during promotions, sexual jokes towards her after the scandal with Choiza, Choiza being a dickhead for purposely joking and talking about their scandal everywhere (you really call that a man who dated her? he’s not supposed to be called a man after all, and should never existed at all) and connecting everything that she does with that asshole, even blaming her for f(x)’s failures (f(x) wouldn’t be that famous if it weren’t for her to be very honest)
  • Do you think that’s so shallow? It’s so easy for people to say harsh words on her because they’re not in her place but never realizes that besides Choiza destroying her life ever since he was there, it’s also these lifeless haters who contributes to her change of public personality and at the same time being a life-ruiner. These haters aren’t even guilty about it.
  • Most of you think it’s easy to get over it and don’t give a fuck about it but she’s still YOUNG and not immuned to this. She’s also a person with emotions and feelings; a person that can be exhausted, worse being attacked verbally. She did try to hold it a bit, but if we were in her position, I doubt that we’ll last longer. Everybody has a breaking point.
  • Consider this too: Sulli, who was not exposed to the real world because she entered acting in an early age and eventually debuted as one of the members of f(x) but still continued acting and modelling, who worked hard for years to attain what she is right now, is being continuously and cruelly bashed and no matter how well she does, people will still find her bad side and will never appreciate her hard work and positive side. For God’s sake, she’s also a person who commits mistakes like us and have trust issues towards people. She thought most people will be nice to her but in reality there will be douchebags (talk about Choiza) and bitches who will manipulate her and take her for granted.
  • People still continue to say that she’s SM’s princess but no, she earned all of this mostly by herself and even shed blood, tears, and sweat for nearly a decade. Even SM is not treating her well, for instance, about the pregnancy rumors. It was not SM who started the case, but it was, her fansite! Yeah, you all said she’s SM’s princess but even the band she’s into is being discriminated: no concert, no fandom name, no fandom color, short and lesser promotions, comeback only once a year, sad fact that bands who debuted after them/their sunbaes got all these, yet f(x), in their 5th year this year, haven’t even acquired all of these.
  • And speaking of f(x), do you think SM told them to stop promoting eventually? SM WANTS MONEY MONEY AND MONEY, why would they let f(4) stop promoting Red Light…and if you think it’s unfair and selfish because they stopped for Sulli…well then, I really think you are wrong. It’s highly possible that the group themselves chose to stop. Why would they even perform without Sulli? f(x) is nothing without Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli, or Krystal. They are considerate about stopping and sacrificing the promotions because the thought of continuing promoting without Sulli, who is so depressed and critically damaged right now, is absolutely unpleasant, unfair, and obnoxious.
  • What f(4) just did there for Sulli is like a hidden message for us, f(x) fans, the mere fact that they sacrificed themselves is because they are understanding and they truly care for one another. I’m not being biased here, but as f(x) fans, we should understand why they did this. I call it true love and a true group, f(x) is expecting us to understand what’s it called to "stan, love, and support a group" no matter what the obstacles are (even if we have biases, but every member in the group we’re stanning is worth the love, support and understanding). I mean come on, our fandom may not be as big and blessed by events as the others, but f(x) believes that we are immuned to this rotten reality and we should be loyal and united no matter what happens.

So to all the people who said bad things to Sulli directly or indirectly, aren’t you still happy? Wow, you’ve been an effective hater for pushing her to have a hiatus right now. But aren’t you tired of hating? There are a lot of good things to do with life than to hate and judge. Why don’t you catch people doing something right, so that your life will finally have a purpose. It’s not to late to regret, you know. Please wake up.

And to all f(x) fans who hate on Sulli, who wishes f(x) to be strong without Sulli, who wants Sulli out of the band, who blames Sulli for not seeing your bias/favorite members…I just want you to know again, why f(4) stopped. WHY.

This is only a hiatus, I know Sulli will regain strength and be ready to face the ruthless public in time because there are still a lot of people who loves her: true fans, family, and friends. But I hope you’ll come back as strong and indestructible as metal. I hope that you’ll realize that all the bad things they say to you should not matter but only the love you receive that overshadows this hatred. Remember that we will welcome you back with open arms and will protect and love you even more, because you are Sulli - a beautiful flower-like eye-smiling dorky gifted lady. You are one of a kind, and you don’t deserve this. You really don’t. People encounter ups and downs in life, but I know you’ll slay again. You’ll come back stronger and determined. No matter how long it will be, we will wait for you. f(x) fighting! Sulli fighting!


Amber Cam on Show Champion Back Stage


regarding f(x)’s situation.

I’m sorry, but I’ve been browsing through the tags and people are saying various groups have went through promotions with one of their members absent due to physical injuries. Please take note: physical injuries. 

Sulli’s case is different. I know every idol has received hate comments and criticisms for almost everything they do, but we have to remember that not everyone has the same tolerance for such things. For all we know, Sulli can be the most sensitive person in the world; we do not know her personally. 

This, the hate comments and criticisms have really gotten to her — some of you can tell by the way she lacks enthusiasm in some of their performance ever since Pink Tape era. Do you know how exhausted she is? And do you think hate is going to motivate her to do better? If anything, she’s thinking her fans are turning their backs on her and in the end, she gives up. 

This is not a matter of an injured ankle or a bad flu. We’re talking about emotional trauma here. Not physical injuries, I repeat. In my own humble opinion, I think the other girls decided to stop the promotion on their own. I’ve never really seen a less divided group than f(x), I don’t know how tight the bonds are, but from the past, we can see they love each other, no? I don’t think the other members could stand the fact that they’re forced to perform on stage knowing one of their member is currently trying to deal with her mental health.

In this case, we can’t blame anyone. Not Sulli. Not the girls. Not SM. My hatred for SM stays strong, but I have to say, blaming them for her hiatus won’t do any good. 

Please stop harsh criticisms, please remember that she’s human as well. And as humans, we break, we crumble, we trip and fall, and most importantly, we make mistakes. We can’t cry for her to come back and continue the promotions. I’d be happy for her to do what she needs to do if that means her health coming back the same. All we can do is stand by her, really, right at the moment, she needs our support the most. 

let’s stop cyber bullying with f(x)!

Anonymous: What makes you think that f(x)’s discography is probably the most solid in K-Pop?


The fact that it is.